Don’t trust this blog yet

I’ve tried this a couple of times before, with my most successful stint writing a travel blog about my three weeks in Peru earlier this year. I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life that I wanted to keep private, and by private I just mean among anyone I talk to, so as not to divulge anything publicly that I shouldn’t for my inevitable divorce.

But without a blog, I’m in direct violation of a planner commandment. And I think it will be useful to discipline myself to write one. I’m titling this blog after one of my favorite Barbara Krueger images. I guess it’s possible that it reveals the cynical side of me, but I consider myself an optimist, even in the context of a job that asks me to use my brain to get people to buy stuff. A friend and I were discussing how you align your beliefs of doing good in the world with commerce and she had an interesting perspective that you really can’t hope to change the world except through commerce. But perhaps we can take breaks to learn foriegn languages from time to time, right?


2 thoughts on “Don’t trust this blog yet

  1. I married a do-gooder myself. This weekend she spent several hours monitoring the breathing of post-anesthetic feral cats before they were spayed or neutered. I stayed home and read comic books.

    I read a Barack Obama interview recently, where he really pushed this whole idea of not being able to change the world, but just do something that helps … that makes you feel good. He really encourages people to read to a child (not your own, but those who need it most). Childhood literacy is a way to make a small but very important impact.

    So excited you are blogging! Best of luck to you.

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