Grad school

I went to The University of Texas at Austin for both undergrad (English major) and grad (Advertising). I’m still on a listserve for the advertising program and a lot of emails have flown around for the past two days from students complaining that the classes are crowded, scheduled back-to-back, or not offered but once a year. This makes me sad. What happened to UT? The director of the program claimed lack of resources, but it wasn’t like that 8 years ago when I started the program. And I know the costs have gone up since my day. I maybe had a couple of classes with 30 people in them. I felt like I learned a lot – granted I had no idea how to operate in the business world having contemplated poetry and prose for three years prior. But what I feel helped me the most were the part-time jobs I worked in media planning, design, HR and finally brand planning that plinko-style showed me a path to work I find rewarding.

When I was in school, the lack of resources was only apparent in the extremely slow elevator in the communications building. I often thought if I made it big I would donate a high speed elevator to the school. Seems that it the last thing they need.

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