US Airways Sucks

Not too bad, but some. On my flights, each way, the PILOT took several minutes to explain the new US Air/Bank of America Visa card I could sign up for while flying and receive gobs of bonus miles.

That’s cheating. They have me hostage and they sell to me. It’s one thing if I choose to pick up the in-flight magazine or look at the cranium trivia intermixed with ads (which is pretty intrusive, but at least blended with some content). But unless you’re telling me we’re about to land, shut it pilot boy!

Sidenote: I must reveal my biases to Discover Card at the moment as they are paying most of my salary. But we wrap the hard sell with the cute little scissors!

US Airways Express

Originally uploaded by (^_~) [Markus Masataka] (~_^).

3 thoughts on “US Airways Sucks

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