“So this is what menopause feels like.”

That’s a direct quote after my boss and I got off of our flight to Chicago this week. It had to be 90 degrees on that flight! And what’s worse, I was crammed up next to this albino mathematician from Milwaukee. The boy had his legs spread as far as they would go and his arm completely covering the arm rest. I’m tempted to put his name here so someday when he googles himself he learns that even though he was polite and started a nice conversation at the end of the flight, it doesn’t make up for infringing on my personal space for 2 hours. Then there’s that whole life philosophy: “above all else be kind.” So albino man, I will not google slap you today. Perhaps I’m feeling generous because we’re having a charity bake sale downstairs right now and I just inhaled a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing.

One final complaint – I have a conference call with my more loquacious client from 4-6 today so I can’t go to the Bizarre Bizarre tonight like I’d hoped and make a dent into Christmas shopping. Phooey.

One thought on ““So this is what menopause feels like.”

  1. Hmmm … seems more like PMS than menopause to me… irritable are we?

    just jokes…

    As Always has taught us, periods are a time to be happy!

    Why are their so many social mores around the menstrual cycle, anyway?

    OK, too much for me on a Friday morning. Have a glorious weekend, filled with shopping!

    Why am I the only one commenting?

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