Latest adventures


We recently won the X Games – a twice a year event in winter and summer spanning all kinds of interesting sports like motocross and snowboarding in addition to a franchise of branded products and a web property that all needs to be pulled together. The clients are smart, interesting and in NY. I got to go for the first time in over a year last week and I’m heading back up there for the day on Thursday. I’ll plan a weekend to stay over soon and suck up some energy and culture and of course shop. Richmond is great, but NY is in a whole other class. Which is why I probably never want to live there, but will never tire of visiting.

 I also finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday. I went all out for the boyfriend and got him a red ipod, a nike plus connector so he can track his runs and the special shoes with the little compartment to hold the nike plus thing. Hopefully he likes it – he’s said he’s anti-apple but I suspect anyone who says that just has never owned anything apple. It’s impossible to be anti ipod. He’s just being contrarian. And hopefully I’m not being too extravagant. That’s what I want to give him.

 I just found out that there is an apartment for rent in the building next door to work, literally 15 steps away. It’s a loft with high ceilings, beams, bricks, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and priced well. So I’m considering that. My rental house lease is up soon and I want to move to the “work side” of the river and abandon my mostly empty house and yard responsibilties for more urban living either close to work or in an area called the Fan about 5-10 minutes from work which is a little more residential. The thought of being able to go home for lunch or a nap is appealing…

And finally, we’re having a student workshop here at the agency right after Christmas and I’ve volunteered to make a presentation to explain planning as well as be a team mentor for the week long project that they do in tandem to learning all of the functions of an agency. The students are coming from lots of different colleges so it should be an interesting experience. Cam, I think I’m going to copy your idea of getting them to come up with interesting questions as a part of my presentation. I’ve been working on it, filling it with interesting principles and a bag of tricks. I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up – maybe I can figure out a way to post it once it’s done, or sooner so I can get some feedback!

2 thoughts on “Latest adventures

  1. I think it is very easy to be anti-Apple after this latest round of snooty ads. I still don’t get those …

    I actually really liked the Apple brand before they felt the need to go beyond being cool and decided to pick on the nerds.

    but I am currently a touch biased.

    The student questions was a fun exercise, good luck with it.

    Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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