News, News, News

Ok, maybe only 2 pieces of news. My agency was rated number five in the U.S.





In other news, Wal-mart announced that they have chosen us to be their ad agency. The advice in the halls was to take a look around, because things are going to change!


My student group came in a close second on their project yesterday and my presentation on planning last week went really well. The organizer of the workshop told me she’d be asking for me from now on, so that was flattering.




On to Saturday type activities like going to the gym, looking at another apartment, picking up my dry cleaning, maybe giving blood, and doing laundry. I signed up for a local 10K that happens at the end of March, so I need to make a little more effort with the exercising. Oh, and we had our first dodgeball game on Thursday and we won! Dodgeball is very intense and I need to learn how to throw, but it’s really fun!

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