Summer X Games

Have you seen all the stuff rolling out for X Games XIII???  Check out what Creativity had to say about our site:

“It’s not the most linear of web adventures by any means, but the Martin Agency-created official site for the upcoming X Games serves as a lesson for innovative, freeform aesthetics and punk-rock design. A sizeable, street-level “X” is the foundation of the homepage, with each of the four ends revealing a personalized mini-site for X Games stars including Ryan Scheckler and Travis Pastrana. Whether it be the dinosaur skulls and splatter paint for Scheckler or the dragonflies and dirt tracks for Pastrana, each athlete’s section is filled with scribbled text, tattoo-style graphic collages, animated video introductions from each X Games participant and other footage. Though not too convenient, tiny icons at the top of the page help you navigate through each portion of the site. But as the throbbing techno music plays through in the background, you’re better served just clicking at random and admiring the view.”

I love the music and you can check out the spots we did as well.

One thought on “Summer X Games

  1. Fantastic, Heather. Loved the website. It’s creative and loose, but not loose enough to get you lost or confused. Balance. Balance is a beautiful thing.

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