Alpha Chef Challenge

I’ve spent the past two days in ideation sessions with commercial chefs and industrial designers coming up with new menu ideas and packaging designs for BK. Think Top Chef sans editing. It has been fascinating to get to work on new product development, actually building the marketing into the products. Of course the details are all top secret, but I found I had a lot to offer. These chefs attended top culinary schools and work with other fast food and QSR companies. So they are steeped in their companies’ offerings, and they did homework visiting other restarurants, but they don’t know our audience or our brand very well. One of the chefs really gets our audience and is probably closest to the target and you could see that in his ideas and executions. There’s the the meat dude, the bread woman, the sauce lady, and several others who we all got to ideate with along with BK R&D. Then the chefs spent several hours today actually cooking our top picks in real BK kitchen scenarios. There were some really horrible ideas and some really amazing ones. A concept is such a different thing than an execution. And the chefs are really just better fed versions of the average creative wearing special smocks.

Tomorrow they make larger batches for us to taste and narrow down the field. Then on to the black box of consumer testing. I’m very curious to see this process through. I hope something makes it onto the menu board.

2 thoughts on “Alpha Chef Challenge

  1. That’s major (like lady Beckham would say) that you get to play with R&D people. So far, I haven’t heard of anyone from a Hispanic agency getting involved in product development or any real bulding-marketing-into-product kind of scenario. In the future, maybe. I believe in the future. I must.

    1. Hello 🙂

      Heather, Pablo, my name is Leticia Alameda, and I work in a Hispanic Agency (Vidal Partnership) as a (not-so-jr.) account planner. Last year, we got to work with Kraft’s R&D department for Tang. The brand went 100% Hispanic and we had the chance/privilege to be part of product development and recommend, taste and judge Hispanic flavors such as Jamaica or Horchata. So the future was closer than you thought! 😉


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