My flag football career

Apparently begins on Saturday. The annual CP+B Superbowl is Saturday and the team I was drafted to managed to only draw one girl. (That’s me if you didn’t know I am a girl. Which reminds of something funny I’ll recount in a minute.) So I have to be on the field the ENTIRE game.

Now, I signed up for this to meet more people in the agency and have fun. And I’m at least a little athletic. So I hope I don’t embarrass myself or let my team down because I haven’t played much flag football.

Ok, the girl humor. I was with a couple of our industrial designers who came for the alpha chef thing I just wrote about. We went over to the design district in Miami to check out the furniture stores. There was this chair that had a back made of straw-like reeds that had give when you sat and rested your back against them. You sort of had to nestle into it. So Veronica sits in it. I sit in it. We both like it. Michael sits in it and doesn’t. He says a woman must have designed it since we both like it. I say oh yes, I love how there’s so much room for my vagina.

Maybe you had to be there. We laughed.

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