Survey Launch Countdown. 10..9..8..

Guess what? I just finished programming this year’s survey! I’ve had two people here preview it, and I just sent it to my quality assurance committee. I’m using Think Tank this time rather than Zoomerang because that’s the survey tool we have. It’s pretty easy. Hopefully I will be ready to launch by the end of the week.

I also have a question. I talked with a friend of mine who works at Hall and Partners about helping with the analysis. Does anyone have any issue with me getting some help? That way we can run some analyses that I don’t have the skills to run – factor, maybe regression, even basic correlation. But it will mean 1 or 2 other people with access to the raw data. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Survey Launch Countdown. 10..9..8..

  1. As long as you include it in the upfront disclaimer, I think you should be fine. Considering this survey is distributed through a trusted network rather than “recruited for participation”, I would be surprised to see it having any effect on participation rate.

    I am anticipating at least a double of the # of participants this year.

    I guess I can’t participate anymore, now that I am an educator…

  2. Agree with Cameron. Offer the upfront disclaimer before participation opt-in and that should cover it. I personally don’t mind 1 or 2 others tooling through the data and would imagine that we’d all welcome the additional analysis and learning.

    As always, your leadership on this is appreciated!

    Am off to quality assure :o)

  3. It is absolutely ok for you to share the data with a few others. The simple fact that you are asking beforehand almost feels like tangible assurance that you will be more than careful enough with the data and when picking the few others that will get to massage it.

    Here’s a thought…

    I imagine that the only thing in your database that identifies who the respondent is on a personal level is the email address. If that is the case, you could just assign a unique number to each respondent and use that number in lieu of the email addresses when sharing the database with others. I think people would be fine with you sharing the information anyways, but if you want to be extra careful… Seems like an easy way to go about it.

    Suggestion. I don’t remember if you had this last year… How about including some analysis (and the necessary questions upfront, of course) comparing salaries of planners in general market agencies versus planners in multicultural agencies? Maybe you did have it last year…

    Very happy to hear the survey lives on.

  4. The email addresses are totally separate from the rest of the data. I’ve really tried to make it so I can’t tell who said what. I used to ask geography by state and listed all the states. But there are only so many heads of planning in Oregon, you know? That’s when I could tell. So I changed the geography question to only ask specifically for really large markets where we get a lot of responses and generalized the rest. Now there are a few planners out there who I know so well I can tell by the way they answer the open-ends, but they are my closest friends and we know each others’ business anyway. And as the survey gets bigger, I have too much to do in life than to try to figure out who said what. It’s more interesting to look at the results as a whole.

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