Damn copy and paste

I messed up in the email I sent. The first link ends in 1464. The email capture ends in 1925. SORRY! I’ll resend tomorrow. I’ve reached the limit of emails I can send through gmail for 24 hours.

Link to the survey:

Link to leave your email for the results:

6 thoughts on “Damn copy and paste

  1. Don’t worry. The people who are taking this survey should be bright enough to check your blog for the correct link…or at least one would hope. : )

  2. Dude – did you mean to publicly CC every single person on the database list? Because you just did in your ‘correction’ e-mail.

    So much for anonymity 😦

  3. No, I did not mean to do that. I’m really really sorry. Perhaps I should throw in the towel on this thing. All the signs are pointing to it.

    Your answers are not connected to who you are, if that’s any consolation. And most of us are connected on linked in if anyone wanted to know who participated. Please just delete the emails and do not use them for evil.

  4. oh well, shit happens.

    After three years of perfect smoothness, you were bound to hit a hitch.

    I don’t see the e-mail having any effect on anonymity … who knows who is/is not taking this thing? Compiled results and all that.

    We’ll just say that e-mail list gave this survey some street cred … “look at all these people interested in this thing! … now delete it.” (wink)

    Please don’t throw in the towel … this is a great tool that planners need. Good luck.

  5. TinyURL.com is great for squishing unwieldy addresses into a manageable chunk. Just copy/paste (easy … easy …) that sucker into their box and it will return a unique short address like tinyurl.com/345 which will be an alias for your destination.

  6. Ok, that’s really cool. Anyone got a nifty short-cut to keep me from to’ing when I should be bcc’ing? Preferably for gmail. It all went wrong because I can only send 500 emails at a time, so I went into contacts, selected all, deselected enough to get down to 500 and then chose compose. I should have copied the block and moved them to bcc, but didn’t realize what had happened. Why can I only send 500 emails per day?

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