Wednesday morning stats

We’re about to surpass last year’s total today. As of right now there are 449 completed surveys. Make sure you enter your email address into the second link for the results. There are only 330 something saved in there.

Link to the survey:

Link to leave your email for the results:

4 thoughts on “Wednesday morning stats

  1. Enjoying the updates. Thank you for doing that. Have you started guessing the number of completes you’ll reach this year?

    I say 617 😉

    No math involved. It’s just a feeling, you know? Something from the gut. And I like the fact that the 6 looks centered in this font, the 1 slightly lower, or shorter… And the 7 slightly taller again, but pushed down. It’s fantastic.

  2. Hi Heather. Do you already have any idea whether this year there will be enough data to have results from countries other than US and UK? (which ones?)

    btw: great initiative.

  3. I’m not confident that there will be enough surveys completed from any other countries to look at them separately. We’re one week in and up to 532 completes. I’m not sure where you’re from, but the more you can spread the word the more likely it will be. I don’t know if there is a language issue either, so perhaps individual countries should start their own survey?

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