Seasonality and finances

I’m working on a project that describes the seasonal influences on people – everything from the actual seasons to pop culture like football in autumn, summer popcorn movies, to the way people adapt such as gaining weight in the winter, shedding in the summer, foods that are available seasonally and how that’s shaped our culture. I’m trying to add some stuff about finances. Anybody got anything to add to this list?

January – hit with big bill from holidays/make resolutions
April/May – tax refund splurging
Summer – vacation mindset splurge
August/September – Back to school/new habits/new resolutions
October/November – planning for the holidays/saving
December – holiday spending for others/gifts to self

Pay day is usually Friday or twice per month
Tend to indulge later in the week
Tend to tighten belt early in week

One thought on “Seasonality and finances

  1. Maybe consider end of year bonuses? For many people that helps relieve the extra spending during the holidays and often leaves an extra chunk in the bank.

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