Need a new job?

I have found all of the misspellings I made in your emails and have now sent the survey to everyone I have emails for. There were fewer emails than surveys taken, so if you’ve arrived here looking for the results, just scroll on down a bit.

Sending out the survey always results in a flurry of calls and notes from recruiters and agency folks looking to hire you 39% who might be looking, so I’ll post that stuff here.

Pete Gagliardi is the best recruiter in the biz, in my humble opinion. He placed me at Martin and I think he does a great job of being honest and trying to find a fit on both sides. He’s got a few positions for mid-level people. At least 4 or 5 years of experience. Send him an email at pete at atticusgraham dot com if you want to know more. He mainly works in the USA.

I also got a note from Digitas in NY looking for a VP/Group Director. If you’re one of those and interested, send an email to bhill at digitas dot com.


I’ve been really busy with work and I’ve finally finished the planner survey results. It’s a modern miracle and it’s not even Christmas.

I am hitting send on the A through J emails because I can only send 500 emails per day through gmail. But if you stumble across here, you can see it too.