More bright bootcampers

Three weekends ago, I had the pleasure of being the guest teacher at the Minneapolis campus of Miami Ad School where 8 planners-to-be are working themselves ragged to get a shot at becoming planners themselves. Bootcamp, if you don’t know, spans twelve weeks where the students take classes during the week and then each weekend a guest teacher comes in to work on a topic Friday through Sunday. As a guest teacher, you assign a project that they must tackle and turn into a brief. They then brief creative students who concept off of the brief. Everyone is working to build a portfolio.

My topic was “understanding the issue.” It was the second weekend, just after “what is planning.” I first broke their hearts letting them in on the fact that there is no step-by-step process to follow that will save them and make this easier. Then I went through several things that they can do to get started thinking about a brand, figuring out the problem you ought to solve, etc. It went over pretty well and I got a lot of questions about job hunting, landing the first job and of course money.

For their assignment, I gave them something real that I was working on at the time: the next Whopper brief that will inspire work to sell more Whoppers. And possibly top Whopper Freakout from January. Here they are eating Whoppers for research:

They had two insights that I thought were good. One even sparked an idea for a bit of our brief we call talk value. So thanks guys. And thanks for showing me “the scene” in Minneapolis. Come to Miami and I’ll return the favor. I wish you all luck surviving boot camp and finding your way in the world.

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