Two fantastic guys

I managed to add Twitter to the blog per a suggestion, so I’ll see if that’s any fun. This post I want to dedicate to a couple of fantastic guys I know who perhaps you should know about too.

First up is Amr Assaid. He was working at Crispin fresh out of UT’s masters program along with a couple other gals from his class. I got to know all of them because of the UT connection and when CP+B didn’t turn in Amr’s visa application in time and he had to leave the country (he’s Egyptian) I sent his portfolio to every english speaking contact I have through my survey. AKQA in Amsterdam ended up hiring him on a 6 month contract, but the meltdown/crisis is affecting them too because they’re not able to keep him now that the 6 months is up. So, he is also looking for a new gig in Amsterdam (if possible, elsewhere if necessary) as an art director or producer/editor in post production to explore his film passion. Anyone got any leads?

And another fantastic guy you should know about is Pete Gagliardi. I’ve raved about Pete before, but it’s been a while. Pete is the best recruiter I’ve worked with and he placed me at Martin a few years ago. He’s got jobs he’s trying to fill people and it’s his birthday so give him a call: 303.471.4782. He also knows a hell of a lot about wine and bobcats if either subject interests you. His email is pete at atticusgraham dot com.

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