Nearly survey time

Wow, it’s March already? That means it’s time to dust off last year’s survey and think about what to do this year. I was thinking I will incorporate some questions on the economic climate to see how it’s affecting planners. I’ve always let people pick “other” on their job title, but I’ve never asked specifically if we were unemployed. I think it would be interesting to see what level is being hit hardest or if it is evenly spread. Any other ideas?

3 thoughts on “Nearly survey time

  1. I think you may try asking about freelancing somehow. There is a difference in freelancing now and being unemployed, at least here in Brazil.

  2. How about asking what Planner’s actually DO? – the role can be interpreted so many different ways by different agencies.

    Looking forward to seeing the report 🙂

  3. To play off the previous post, the planners day to day job is splintering into different areas and I’m curious how much time (percentage) is spent doing the following:

    1. Traditional Account Planning
    2. Connection Planning or Context Planning
    3. Communication Planning or Transmedia Planning
    4. Social Media Planning or Propagation Planning
    5. Trend Forecasting
    6. Business Management Consulting
    7. Cultural Anthropology

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