5th Year for Planner Survey – Now Open

Gmail only lets me send 500 emails per day. So I just hit send on the first 500, the second email will go out tomorrow. There are two links as always to keep it anonymous. Here’s what the email says:

Hello Planners,

I have some milestones to share with you. I’ve been in Amsterdam for 6 months now. And the planner survey is 5 years old. Last year, 798 people from all around the world took the survey. This year, can we break 1000? Let’s find out. Many of you know the drill, so please proceed. The only difference I’d like to highlight is that I ask the number of holidays and vacation days you receive. If you don’t know, perhaps take a moment to tally it up or ask those friendly folks in HR before you begin.

Given the state of the world, I’ve also created some questions should you be between jobs at the moment. If that’s you, please still take the survey. Students and recruiters, feel free to sign up for the results.

I’m always trying to improve and evolve and now that I live overseas, I’ve tried to be more sensitive to non-American planners who want to play too.

Finally, I have nearly 1000 emails at this point – the first 500 are bcc’d here today. But the power of this comes from forwarding the links to new colleagues, posting it on your blog, tweeting and generally making some noise about it. The more people who take it, the better the results.

I’ll close her down end of May and send the results in July. As always, thank you for playing.


The survey:

And to receive the results:

2 thoughts on “5th Year for Planner Survey – Now Open

  1. hi heather – this is a great initiative. i hope a lot from the german planners will participate so we get a local as well as global pic on this. thanks for the great work!

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