The count and some feedback

One week in and the total completed surveys has reached 561. Thats 318 from the US and 243 from the rest of the world.

There have been some great ideas in the comments section that I will take into account for next year. But here are some I can address now.

Why don’t a make the data available so we can draw our own conclusions? Simple, because then it wouldn’t be anonymous. As is, I can tell who some people are. Only people I’ve worked with, and usually only friends so close that we’d already tell each other these private details. I honestly try to think about it on the aggregate when I dig into the info because I don’t even want to know. But who would want to share this info if it would be public for all the world to peruse? One of the reasons this works is because I keep this stuff on lock down. I’ve had helpers on some of the open-ends and if other countries would like to nominate a person to do a deep dive into their results, I’d be open to that. As it is, when you only have 20 people from a place it’s just too hard to draw any conclusions.

Why don’t I ask age? I think this is would be the one thing that would make anonymity impossible and I would know too much. I don’t see enough upside.

Can you add a progress bar so we know how much is left? Does anyone know how to do this in Zoomerang? I’d happily add it, it just doesn’t appear to be a feature.

The survey is too long/Add my ideal question. I agree that the survey has grown and I of course know we are all busy. But people still seem willing to go along with it, and I get a lot of requests for more info to be asked. So, as is, it’s a balance of the max I think we can stand and the max I can analyze in the end. If I haven’t asked your dream question, it’s just because other questions are getting more requests or often because I’ve asked it in recent years and don’t feel that the answers would change enough to ask it again so soon.

Can you give us an incentive? Hmmm. Just so you know, I’m paying for the Zoomerang subscription myself this year and I end up spending about 40-60 hours pulling the results together. The incentive is getting the results. I’ll offer hugs too if you come to collect them.

One thought on “The count and some feedback

  1. Heather,

    My name is Daniel De Tomazo and I’m a planning director at JWT Brazil and also VP for our local APG.

    We are trying to come up with lots of answers from Brazil. Also, we are willing to help if you need anything regarding to our market. Just tweet to @ddtomazo or send me a note.



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