Holla Brazil

The survey count is up to 681 completes. See for yourself:

surveycountOne of the surprising differences this year is the already stellar response from Brazil.

countriesThere were 38 participants from Brazil last year but they are blowing that away. Daniel De Tomazo from JWT Brazil has offered to help with a special look at Brazil if I need help. Thank you for the kindness.

Keep forwarding these links:

The survey:

And to receive the results:

3 thoughts on “Holla Brazil

  1. Hey, we don’t speak Spanish here in Brazil.
    We speak Portuguese.
    So, “Holla” is not a word in our language!

    If you like, you could change it for “Olá, Brasil”.
    With an “s”, because it’s in Portuguese.

    BTW, nice survey…

    1. Oh I know, love. That’s “holla” as in ghetto fabulous slang for holler and sending you guys a shout-out for all the participation. It would be hola in spanish anyway. Don’t you know I’m Texan and would never make such a mistake? 🙂

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