Reclame on the beach

Had some fun this weekend with mijn collegas playing beach volleyball in a tournament against other agency teams. We made it to the semi-finals assisted with a game winning point courtesy of my face. Why do I always get hit in the kisser? No major damage luckily. And I learned a new dutch word: wissel means to switch, like switching sides of the court.

It was my first time to the beach here in Holland. It’s, well, no Miami. They even sell herring on the beach!


Philips vs the Sun

Check out this new Philips campaign that we’re doing. And since you don’t work here, you can come up with your own challenge for a chance to win a 21:9 TV.

Btw, if you’re interested, I have one of these alarm clocks and it’s great. It helps with the eternal darkness in the winter and in the summer I usually wake up before the sound kicks in so you don’t start your day with a heart attack. The sounds you can pick from are unique too – I use the jungle drums complete with elephant.


Final count 1217

I just closed the survey and pulled the data file off. Many thanks to all 1217 of you who participated. Now to get busy analyzing in the midst of “Think Big Pack Lites” for Unilever. Anyone ever had to do those before? Fun! But I promise to get those and the survey finished before the end of July when I take a well-earned vacation to Cyprus.