Survey Results!

Fresh as they come people. I’ve just emailed the I’s through the M’s, I’ll email the other parts of the alphabet in the coming days.

Lots of news in here. I’m starting a competition to select two additional authors for the survey, I’ll write more about that later. And the survey is crossing disciplines. Mariota Essery is taking on an Art Director Survey. See her note:

Hello Art Directors,

I’ve created a survey that’ll hopefully be useful to all of us. Have you ever wondered if what you are making is fair? Who we all think does the best work, and who we all want to work for? How about how many years it usually takes to get to the top and if your agency has cool benefits compared to everyone else?

My friend Heather has done a planner’s survey for the past 5 years and it got me wishing there was one out there for art directors… I know surveys are boring to fill out, but there are only 22 questions, and it’ll take about 5 mins.

Please could you fill it in, pass it on, tweet, blog and facebook it. The more people who take it, the better info we’ll have. If you’ve been sent this link, pass it on to any art director you know!

A big one to remember – send me your email if you want the results ( – and THE SURVEY IS ANONYMOUS – I won’t even be able to know who has filled this out.

Please note – if you are an intern, a freelancer, a recruiter – the survey isn’t designed for you, but I am happy to share the results so send me an email.

Thanks for playing 🙂

Mariota Essery

5 thoughts on “Survey Results!

  1. yes, they pay low in Spain when you start in advertising.
    Most of us start as paid interns (hence €13k) but what probably happened here is that some assistants actually work on the client side where they get paid loooads more – it doesn’t make any sense otherwise.
    I wish Jnr Planners were paid €30k on average!!!!!

    good work

  2. Very interesting findings on the survey.
    What I found useful was that certain things in India are common to rest of the world…such as most planners located in full service agencies.
    The vacation information, needless to say, is useful in setting the right priorities on next destination for work:-)

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