Wrong, right?

Take a look at this video. Now this is a tempting if morally questionable idea – if I skim off even 10% of my salary could I get someone else to do 80% of my work? Could be awesome. But wrong, Heather, wrong!

Could it actually be done? I looked at the salary data and though there were only 19 Indian planning brothers and sisters, the salaries varied widely. I don’t think it will compromise anyone’s anonymity to say there’s a planning director making 12 million rupees (approximately €175 thousand) but there is also a planner level person at 600,000 rupees (approximately €10 thousand). So any takers?

(Please note, I’m not – generally – a sick person. Just thought this would be a fun way to share a taste of the information from India.)

One thought on “Wrong, right?

  1. It makes me quite sick knowing they are getting paid that little over there. Sure it is a lot for India, but not right in any way.

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