Copying should at least rate some in-school suspension

Have you seen the first episode of the new season of CSI? Not only are they using the same frozen scene to tell a story, but there are many too similar elements to Philip’s Grand Prix winning Carousel to just be inspiration. Would have felt like pop culture had adopted it and ran if they’d just tipped their hats. Watch for yourself.

One thought on “Copying should at least rate some in-school suspension

  1. Someone asked me if I was pissed off about this and you know what, I’m not.

    Maybe this is a double standard, but if an agency like Crispin did this I would think it’s sad and ignorant. But because it was an in-house CBS marketing department, I thought it was just imitation.

    This might come across as harsh, but I don’t consider in-house network marketing teams in the same league as advertising agencies. They don’t have the same camaraderie and unspoken rules about copying that the rest of the ad world do.

    And if they were briefed to come up with something innovative and creative for the sneak preview of this episode and this is what they came up with, I say best of luck to them, because if their goal is to leave CBS land for the big bad world of advertising, no one is going to touch them with a ten foot stick.

    If they just wanted to use our style of filming and mimic it in their own ad? Well, that’s Hollywood baby. This kind of thing happens every single day in tinseltown.

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