Art Directors sluttier than Planners

Mariota Essery just completed her wrap up of the first ever art director survey. Perhaps art directors are less interested in surveys – 101 found the time to take this one – but she’s definitely taught me a few things in terms of presentation. These are some really pretty charts and graphs! The most surprising finding for me was how many art directors changed jobs last year (40%) compared to planners (32%). And even more surprising the number thinking about leaving their job in the next year (46%!) compared to planners (36%). So if you like your art directors and you don’t want to go through the drama and expense of replacing them, perhaps you should show them some more love. Have you hugged your art director today?

One thought on “Art Directors sluttier than Planners

  1. Art direction is perhaps the discipline that relies least on continuity and client relationships. There’s a definite craft skill, which can be unplugged and plugged more easily, I suspect.

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