The new survey team

I’d like to introduce you all to the three people who raised their hands and volunteered to help make this year’s survey even better. They went to the trouble of putting videos on youtube explaining why they wanted to be a part and I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon these incredibly talented women who will be taking adland by storm in their own time.

Bori Toth
Bori is from Hungary and was working at DDB in Budapest when we first connected. She is now working for TBWA in Berlin. What’s next for this jet setter? You can check out her LinkedIn profile here and she’s @boribora on twitter.

Megan Averell
Megan is from the US and has already garnered quite a bit of experience around the country – you can see her LinkedIn profile here. She recently started a new position with Hill Holliday in Boston working on Chili’s.

Julia Lee
Julia (pronounced “Who-lia”) was born and raised in Spain by Taiwanese parents. So she is bicultural and trilingual. She went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco and just started her first job at Señora Rushmore in Madrid. Her LinkedIn profile is here and her blog is here.

The four of us will be the only ones with access to the data and hopefully with the added bandwidth we’ll get a little deeper on the analysis and turn it around faster.

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