It’s planner survey time

I just pulled the trigger. I’m using a new mail service that sends pretty HTML messages and manages the list, which has grown rather massive. So get after it people. Let me know what you think of the new questions. And please forward this post or the email you receive to all your plannerly friends. Lots of people have changed jobs in the past year so they may not have received the email. Thanks so much for your help on this. Here’s the email:

Hello Planners,

It’s that time of year again. Time to take the planning survey. Last year we had 1,217 participants from around the world. I’d like to see us break 2,000 this year. What do you say? Think you can send an email reminding all the planners you know?

There are three fresh faces to the survey this year who will be helping with the analysis. Your secrets are safe with us and you can get to know the team here.

There are several new questions this year. One of the biggest changes is an attempt to better poll the self-employed and freelance among us. So if you’ve abandoned the survey before, please give it another go.

I always love hearing your feedback, so please leave a comment on my blog.

As always, thank you for playing!


Here is the link to the survey:

And the link to receive the results:

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And make sure we’re LinkedIn.

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