Heading into the final stretch (take the survey)

If you haven’t seen the twitter posts or received my reminder email, the survey is nearing the end. This is your last chance to get your information in there. We have 1405 completes so far, so we have surpassed last year’s total (1217) which is fantastic. But I estimate there are about 10,000 planners in the world and with a few emails to our past colleagues and a nudge to the planner across the desk I know we can get more people involved.

I’ve really enjoyed scanning the open-ends – one of the most interesting benefits people have experienced from the survey is a greater feeling of connectedness with the rest of the planners in the world. This has been a benefit for me in a very tangible way – I’ve met a handful of planners around the world in person and a few more virtually. In fact, I’m going to Romania tonight to participate in a conference there. Looking forward to learning about planning Bucharest-style.

Here are those survey links.

Take the survey here: http://bit.ly/chSKNE and to get results: http://bit.ly/drxz0O

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