Get Your Digital Planner On – Part 6

Seeding is cheating. Cheating works. All of the media and PR firms I’ve worked with are struggling to get their head around seeding. I define seeding more broadly than most – to me it’s anything that get’s views and conversation on a roll. What we called earned media (as opposed to bought and owned). And to me, that should fall under the scope of media or PR. But we have a bit of a wild west scenario right now where no one seems to be calling dibs on seeding, and even if they do, we can’t approach blogs with the full-meal press release and expect them to figure out the appeal to their respective audience. But when we approach them in a cool way, you can get a ton of propagation for your money ala this must-see example.

Of the companies I’ve talked to, there are a spectrum of services that fall under this heading of seeding. There are the more PR 2.0 firms who have relationships with bloggers and sometimes YouTube channels and Facebook groups or they can hunt down some that are relevant to your brand and build new relationships bespoke to each project. Then there are the more Media 2.0 kind who pay sites on a per view basis to pick up their viewer and serve up your video content as an ad or as a video when they write about the content. All of them generally offer listening/tracking services so you know the sentiment, engagement, and number of posts and views. Some companies do the PR thing and the media thing. And then there’s the uploading of your video content to the long-tail video sites beyond YouTube and Vimeo which still adds up to gobs of views. Many do this too.

I know of 8 such companies. I recommend 4 below. I’d like to know of more and who you think are doing good work, plus all of these are headquartered in Europe. Some have partnerships in other regions and can handle other languages but I’d like to have a collection of the best around the world.

The PR ones I like best and would work with personally (in this order): The 7th Chamber We Are Social and Unruly Media

The Media ones I like best and would work with personally (in this order): Go Viral and Unruly Media

2 thoughts on “Get Your Digital Planner On – Part 6

  1. Cliche, but the success of (earned) seeding of course also heavily depends on the content. Just curious whether you think there are any Dutch companies worth mentioning?

    1. Totally agree – whether totally organic or with a paid for push, the caliber of the content is critical.

      I know of one dutch company – I’ll email you separately…

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