Why I find myself a patron

Two days ago my interweb friend, Bud Caddell, put out a call for some support for a new book project. His goal is to raise $5,000 and, as he explains here in more detail, gather an editorial board to participate in the process of creating the book. He’ll use the funds to hire a book editor as well as cover other expenses that are bound to come up in the process such as traveling to interviews.

So I decided to help out and Bud asked the sponsors thus far to post their reasons why. Perhaps you’ll be interested in helping out too.

I honestly didn’t think about it too hard. I read about the idea, went to lunch and by the time I got back I was typing in my pledge. The various thoughts I had:

1. Bud is a great writer. He is prolific which to me says he’s disciplined. Any project he puts his energy toward will turn out well.

2. The sum I kicked in doesn’t mean that much to me; it’s a couple of pairs of jeans. (Does anyone else measure they’re purchases in units of denim?) And as Gretchen Rubin suggests, we can buy some happiness when we indulge in a modest splurge.

3. Compared to times past, our culture doesn’t support creative endeavors. Michaelangelo had Leorenzo de Medici, but who does Bud Caddell have?

4. I have a book idea myself and recently had a few individuals offer to help me with it and it felt amazing and within my grasp. I’d like to give that feeling to someone else.

5. Since I have a book idea I’m working on, I might learn a thing or two going through this process with Bud.

6. It sounds like fun.

So perhaps you’d like to get involved too? Here’s the place to do it.

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