Playing with Wordle

You’ve seen Wordle, right? It lets you make some sweet little word clouds and can suck you down a vortex of colors, fonts and layouts trying different combinations to perfect what you’re trying to say about a chunk of text. They’re perfect for open-ended questions. Here’s a peak under the hood from the survey. We asked: “what, if anything, do you dislike about your current job?” You’re top 15 responses in word clouds:

Do the different layouts speak to you differently? “Clients” was the number one response – 91 mentions – and it feels a little lost in that first layout.

Interestingly, 133 people didn’t write in anything, indicating to us that they are happy. Salary seems to play an important role in this happiness: 73.6% of the happy people said their pay is fair or better. Men are happier than women (70% vs. 30%, Yowza!). Non-US planners are more satisfied than US planners (65% vs. 35%).

2 thoughts on “Playing with Wordle

  1. Thanks for the peak. Surprised that Creatives are mentioned more often than Account People.

    P.S.: In my opinion the third layout wins, as it is much more readable. Though adding colours would be fine, too.

  2. Very cool. I’m not surprised about Creatives being a bigger issue than Account guys. It may be related to “planning marginalized” — I get more resistance from Creatives than Account guys, generally speaking (for example, it’s a fact of life that we often have to test creative work. The Account guy helps me sell through a work-friendly methodology, but the actual Creative guys think the only work-friendly method is not to test at all!).

    Oh and I agree, the third layout is easiest!

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