Hey Romania, what’s the deal?

I think you all know I’m up to my elbows in planner survey data. And as I look through this stuff, some of it makes its way into the report and some is just semi-interesting and gets edited out.

But one thing struck me today because I was recently in Romania presenting at a conference and conducting a workshop. In some ways the workshop was a therapy session talking about how different things are based on my experience between the US/Europe and their experiences working in Romania. They talked about how client budgets are smaller, digital is nothing more than banners and very little of that even. Plus most of the planners there are in the 24-30 age range. It just seems like it’s growing and becoming established. But that’s not how they think of themselves. See here:

Not a single person sees planning as struggling. And that is in stark contrast to the rest of the world (USA, London and Brazil all hold true to this total chart):

Romania, I’m curious, why do you think your answers were so different?

7 thoughts on “Hey Romania, what’s the deal?

  1. I can see this (of course I have next to no knowledge of Romanian planning.) But, when planning enters into a market, the only places where it’ll take root is where it firmly proves it’s value, where the talent and application are dynamic and worthwhile. Then it becomes a competitive advantage, suddenly other agencies start building planning departments, less based on the talent and commitment and more on necessity (“If the other guys have it, we should.”) Well, that’s my theory of the day!

    I really look forward to watching the growth of planning in Asia and hopefully this survey will be able to capture some interesting information in how it happens.

  2. It’s very hard to estimate or draw some forced conclusions because there are many factors that can lead to answers so different.
    The market is having really big changes at the moment and would be a good idea for a serious research on the perception of planning focused on the Romanian market, maybe some interviews with some CEO s.

  3. It’s true that planning earned a lot of credit in Romania in the past few years. Everyone talks about the importance of having strategy in any advertising or marketing campaign and nearly every ad rookie now wants to be a planner.
    This is the perception. But in reality, this discipline is way under developed in our country. There are only three or four agencies with planning departments that really make a difference and just a few other ones where there is actually only one planner/agency or multi-tasking people (client service+planning, creative+planning etc)
    Also by looking at brands we don’t see more entries at Effie compared to creative festivals, neither more than 1 remarkable strategy campaign/year. Romania truly has a problem with things done ostensibly, planning included.

    1. Thanks for your comment Dana – that’s the sense I got from talking with you all when I visited. It’s exciting and frustrating at the same time I think.

    1. Hi Andrea –

      The numbers on the charts are raw numbers – so we’re comparing the whole world of employed/non-freelancers (1462 people) with the 13 people in Romania who took the survey. And that’s pretty close to all the planners there.


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