Jobs and more jobs

One of the reasons I was excited to join StrawberryFrog Amsterdam was the sister company we share a building with: MediaCatalyst. Given that StrawberryFrog’s first win was Pampers digital business and there is an entire service design and web development company within reach I knew that when we came up with ideas that we weren’t sure would be possible there would be people around ready to tinker and make them real.

So I wanted to share some opportunities currently available with MediaCatalyst. They are looking to hire talented, senior people with an experience design/service design background. They work on a broad range of cool projects: gaming communities, service concept and development, digital marketing and brand strategy, communication platforms, intranets… you get the idea. Lots of stuff, and for big brands with ambition. Like I said, there is this interesting cross-over with StrawberryFrog – we share an office and work closely together on a lot of the service/digital projects. So have a look at the full list of openings here.

The Planner Survey 2010

The moment at least some of us have been waiting for! The results have been tabulated, analyzed and even designed this year. I’ve posted them on both SlideShare and Scribd so you can download them from whichever you prefer. All of my commentary is in the report, but please comment here after you’ve had a chance to read it. Would love to know what you think.