Jobs and more jobs

One of the reasons I was excited to join StrawberryFrog Amsterdam was the sister company we share a building with: MediaCatalyst. Given that StrawberryFrog’s first win was Pampers digital business and there is an entire service design and web development company within reach I knew that when we came up with ideas that we weren’t sure would be possible there would be people around ready to tinker and make them real.

So I wanted to share some opportunities currently available with MediaCatalyst. They are looking to hire talented, senior people with an experience design/service design background. They work on a broad range of cool projects: gaming communities, service concept and development, digital marketing and brand strategy, communication platforms, intranets… you get the idea. Lots of stuff, and for big brands with ambition. Like I said, there is this interesting cross-over with StrawberryFrog – we share an office and work closely together on a lot of the service/digital projects. So have a look at the full list of openings here.

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