Back from the desert

I had an incredible time in Dubai. Emirates Airline is a fascinating, awe inspiring company. We got to tour the new Airbus 380 complete with a second floor and a bar for 1st and business class. We got to see what happens to all the trash collected on the flight and how they make meals for all those flights each and every day. We got to see where a plane goes to get an oil change and all the people who take care of the planes. And we got to meet with countless groups of people who plan routes, schedules, awards programs, e-commerce, train cabin crew, and develop sales channels. I made our strategy presentation 18 times.

While in Dubai we had the chance to sample some of the finest malls in the world, visit the 128th floor of the Burj Kalifa for a ritzy Cartier party, smoke a little shisha and take a tour of the desert. I rang in my 33rd birthday and made some lifelong friends among my team. These business trips do bond us, don’t they?

One thought on “Back from the desert

  1. I think this may be my favorite Heather blog post yet. Happy 33 (damn, you are young – of course you acted like you were 33 when you were 22, so…)

    You kicking sand in the desert = kick-ass!

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