Snooping around my network

My friend Matthew Scott sent me this excellent post from Whitney Hess that shows her poking around her LinkedIn network using this fun new tool InMaps.

Because of the planner survey and not personally knowing all of my connections, my map has more undefined areas than Whitney’s or Matthew’s. In fact, there are a few areas I’m not sure how to label.

Perhaps the system isn’t sensitive enough for my network. For example, the dark blue dots chart several groups as they go from left to right. On the left are connections outside of the US, including my StrawberryFrog connections. In the middle the blues are mostly New York and New England. But there is a cluster of blue on the far right that is made up of my Martin Agency colleagues. There’s also a cluster of blues dangling between CP+B and DDB and Tribal Amsterdam made up of planners in Romania who I met when I presented at a conference there.

The orange dots don’t make a lot of sense to me. Still planners and ad land folks, but perhaps a little more on the digital side, though there are marked exceptions. I just figured out the pink cluster – those are people who went to Miami Ad School, though Pippa who is the school’s founder comes up as blue. Seems like a flaw?

What does your network show?