Waking up to SXSWi

If you know me, you know I am from Texas. Now, I moved away more than ten years ago, and I left the US over two years ago so it’s all the more sweet to revisit my homelands. And Austin in particular is where I went to University, so there are still friends and memories here to be enjoyed.

It took about 24 hours to hop from Amsterdam to London to Dallas to Austin. And for the first two days I’ve stayed with a close friend from college, her husband and two kids. Because it’s spring break too, her in-laws, one a professor, also have come to town to visit. So I’ve been up before dawn at a bootcamp class, to the park to play, put the 4 year old to bed, and snuck out with my friend and the mother for pedis and margaritas. So much laughing and reconnecting.

But now it feels like game on. I’m still adjusting to the time difference, and as the sun begins to come up I’m thinking about relocating downtown and slipping in with the other 20,000 SXSWi attendees.

I’ve done my homework and picked out the sessions I think will be interesting. I’ve made plans to meet with wonderful people I know from way back or only know on Twitter. I’ve seen other friends pop up in Austin on Foursquare who I didn’t even know were coming. I’ve already had a great catch-up with Dr. Murphy yesterday who is the professor of the introduction to advertising class at UT. I was one of his teaching assistants for a year when I was in grad school and two hours of chatting flew by. I’m now looking forward to being the final judge for project number 2 this semester. (These projects are serious business for ADV 318J students.) He also asked if I would consider making a 30 minute video about planning. He thinks students would really benefit from a primer. Anyone interested in helping with a project like that?

Stay tuned for tales from SXSW…