To Hell with Ads, Spark a Movement

Cannes 2011

Can I persuade you to come to the south of France on June 21st? Pretty please? We’d love to meet you and talk movements. Here’s what we have planned for our Cannes workshop:

In the last decade, the advent of social media, the global recession and the introduction of new technologies have radically altered the marking landscape in favor of cultural movement marketing.

This new marketing model seeks to mobilise a brand’s audience via shared brand experiences towards brand goals that benefit the brand, the consumer and society or culture. This marketing model is fundamentally better suited for 2010 than the traditional purely product-driven USP models of the past.

But how do you create a cultural movement for a brand? How is this cultural movement process different from traditional marketing models? How do you know when you’ve created a cultural movement? How do you measure success vs. a traditional advertising campaign?

In this inspiring hands-on session, the Strategic Leadership of the StrawberryFrog agencies from New York, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo show delegates how. The objective of the workshop is to immerse participants in this new process for marketing in a fun, entertaining and stimulating way.

The two-hour session includes:

  • An introduction to cultural movement marketing
  • Successful case studies from StrawberryFrog and others
  • The process to identify cultural movement opportunities
  • The process for activating cultural movements
  • Discussion around the latest metrics to assess success

This workshop also allows participants to create their own cultural movement for a brand.  Participants will be divided into facilitated groups and provided with case study materials to develop their own a cultural movement strategy and activation plan. At the end of the session the participants will have created and presented a cultural movement to their peers.

4 thoughts on “To Hell with Ads, Spark a Movement

  1. would love to join. will be in Cannes, but not sure i’ll have a pass.
    is that an official workshop or are you crashing the party?

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