Starting a Movement at Cannes

Patricia De Luca, Heather LeFevre and Olé Pedersen at Cannes

What a whirlwind trip to report on. Olé Pedersen, Patricia De Luca and I met on Monday to go over our presentation and workshop exercises. They were both worn out from their flights over and we had only discussed our session over the phone so we weren’t sure how well we would gel together. In addition, our workshop was at the same time as a talk by Robert Redford. We were all a bit wary on Monday evening that we might only have the 10 or so friends who said they would attend the next day.

Little did we know that the next morning participants would flood the workshop room so that the presentation portion was chock a block with folks sitting on the floor and standing in the back. The organizers had to turn people away.

Everything went beautifully and I’ve uploaded our presentation here. Will try to get a few video clips of us speaking.

This session just confirmed for me what a special place StrawberryFrog is. We worked our way through the theory behind our philosophy into some cases and practical principles into hypothetical examples to demonstrate the broad potential of cultural movements for all types of brands. Then about half of the room left and the other half stayed to actually work through and make a movement in small groups. You can see them in action here:

Then after we had so much positive feedback, both in person and on Twitter, I had what can only be described as a professional high. We are on to something truly great.

2 thoughts on “Starting a Movement at Cannes

  1. This is really smart & wonderful stuff. I heard quite the buzz on this side of the Atlantic. Wish I was there. But, I’m going to show the deck in class today – so consider conversations created. Thanks for sharing, Heather.


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