The Planner Survey 2011

I’ve been quiet most of the summer working on this year’s planner survey. And the release day has finally arrived!

It’s a huge effort, not just for me, but my team and the group of planners who I inflict the non-sensical early drafts upon. Please know that your contributions are appreciated.

Now it’s time to download and have a little read. We all love to know your thoughts and comments so please leave some here. They often inspire additional analysis and future posts and discussion. You can also email us your questions and comments.

So I’ll get out of the way and let the report do the talking. As always, thank you for playing.

And the appendices:

21 thoughts on “The Planner Survey 2011

  1. Hi Heather. Just stumbled across your Planner report via a tweet from Mark Earls. Really interesting – great work. Thank you for sharing

  2. Another year, another Planner Survey – Great job!

    It is fascinating to see the planning community come together so that the rest of us in the ad world can see the broad range of experience, expectations and emotion within this group.

    I’m a senior account manager who’s been unemployed since last year. As a professional interviewee, frequently I’m asked to share examples of my work that demonstrate strategic thinking. Throughout the survey I wondered if planners are asked about their project and relationship management skills when being interviewed. Food for thought as the study grows and we see more integrated roles.

    Congratulations Heather and Team for this year’s success! I hope that one day we can see a similar study for client services.

    Frank Amorós

  3. This was a very interesting read. I work in Market Research and although a different industry, there are faint ties along the family tree… I suppose. It’s inspiring that your industry has a lot of passion and momentum as a collective. Unfortunately, this is something that is lacking in my industry. Maybe I should think about doing something similar; it would be interesting to see how they compare.

  4. This is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. You’ve got a design here that’s not too flashy, but makes a statement as big as what you’re saying. Great job, indeed.


  5. Hey, I’m a student who stumbled across this and thinks it’s very interesting, so thanks. But I think you made a mistake at the Asst. Planner UK (Medium Company) Column at page 34. You might want to re-check your numbers. It says upper quarter 32260 pounds, average 59667 pounds and lower quarter 19571 pounds.


    1. The average should be around 22K pounds. Wasn’t able to go back and fix it, but there are enough numbers for you to make an educated request if you happen to be a young planner in the UK.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this brilliant piece of research. However, i was wondering if the error Deborah has pointed out has been corrected?

    Thank you.

  7. As a planner who has worked both in the US and the UK, it’d be interesting to see the percentage of brit planners who hold Head of Planning positions in the US and vice versa. Thanks.

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