Trying something new

I’ve resigned from my fairly awesome job because I have a new dream now that I’d like to share with you. I alluded to it briefly at the end of the planning survey but now it is taking shape and becoming real.

I’m going to travel the world, work for brilliant people, live with them so I get to know who they really are and write about all the things I learn. I have 4 people who have agreed to let me learn from them while I stalk them: Rob Campbell in Shanghai, Simon Kemp in Singapore, Jason Oke in Hong Kong and Saher Sidhom in London.

I am still looking for several more people and could use your help identifying them. I’m interested in planners, managing directors, creative directors, clients, digital, traditional, innovation and more. I want to essentially put together the PhD program that I could never find in a university. And I really want to go to India, Japan, Australia, South Africa and Argentina. But I’m sure there are some smarties who are willing to go along with the scheme in other places too and I’m open to that. Who do you think I should ask to be my coach?

I’ve saved some money to pull this off but I am opening my own business in Holland so I can keep Amsterdam as my base. I’ve named it I’ve Got the Fever – too corny? Well, it does what it says on the tin. This means that I will have to do some freelance in order to keep my visa. If you have any projects you might consider me for, I would love to hear about them. I’m hklefevre at gmail. Since I’m a company, I don’t need a work permit and can go anywhere. Please don’t make me go back to America! Give me a gig!

It will probably take me a year and a half to finish the book. Maybe two? I’m just really excited to see more of the world and meet as many planners as possible. If you aren’t already, consider following me on Twitter so you know where I am and we can connect.