Emirates Airline Reborn

Just got a tweet yesterday about the new Emirates work rolling out.

It’s always exciting to see something you had a hand in come to life. In this case it is the longest project I’ve ever worked on. If you haven’t seen any of the work, here’s the anthemic spot.

And some press.

It’s difficult with global brands to avoid the generic. I’ve talked to several people who had pitched the line “Hello Tomorrow” to their clients too. There are about 20 words that are easily translatable around the world so that’s inevitable.

This work isn’t easy to articulate just by the line though. What’s unique about Emirates is how international and cosmopolitan of an experience it is. On any flight they will announce “we speak 12 languages on the flight today: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch…” And it’s not simply the cabin crew who represent a pick and mix of cultures. At every meeting I had in the corporate offices, it was like a model United Nations meeting.

Only 30% of passengers stop in Dubai. That means they are transferring over 21 million people from one side of the world to the other. They are quite literally the circulatory system passing these oxygenated red blood cells of ideas, serendipity, and possibility around the earth. Think of the problems we face today. It’s going to take the ingenuity and creativity of individuals interacting to solve them.

The world is no longer lead by the west. Why is this map any less right?

With international travel on the rise in Brazil, Russia, India, China and the increasing need to have a global purview to succeed in business, connecting these global individuals and bringing new ideas will change the world for the better.

Yes, I drank the kool-aid. My own global project is a direct result from thinking about this brand for a year and a half. It’s a result of seeing evidence that international travel makes people smarter and more creative. It’s a belief that we are all on this journey and it’s worth the effort to be endlessly curious and explore the world and the people in it.

There is still more to come including a digital platform for globalistas to share their favorite places on World Streets and short multi-lingual greetings you can share with your friends from the multi-lingual cabin crew. If you’d like to know when these launch, get on the mailing list by clicking on the bottom right of this page. I’m excited to see what Emirates can accomplish because this is only the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Emirates Airline Reborn

  1. Nice, I saw this on TV here in Dubai last night. I also just recently started playing around with Pinwheel, really fun, is that what the World Streets is going for

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