You’re worth writing about

Rob Campbell was the first person I told about my project a year and a half ago and it was his positive energy toward the idea and his willingness to participate that catalyzed it into existence. I mentioned it vaguely at the very back of the planning survey report last year and Simon Kemp wrote to me saying he’d love to have me come to Singapore. I already knew and admired Jason Oke and Saher Sidhom plus we had casual emails from time to time so it was easy to ask them.

Once I announced the idea on my blog, Phil Adams in Edinburgh at Blonde raised his hand. Then I read an article about Brian Millar (Sense Worldwide in London) that made me contact him to see if he’d be interested. Fortunately he was.

If you’re keeping count, that’s six people who have agreed to this scheme. There’s a seventh but I’m not ready to announce him until we’ve had the opportunity to Skype and not just email. I’m thinking I will work with about 12 people, so I’m already halfway through the finding people part, the part I thought might be the most difficult. What you might also have noticed is that none of these early adopters has two X chromosomes. And it’s got me wondering why haven’t any women raised their hands? Why don’t I know more senior women out there who I could work with? I’ve spoken with Heidi Hackemer about tagging along with her project. She has bought a big black truck and is dipping in and out of agency life making expeditions into American culture and then freelancing as a planner. Depending on her schedule, I do hope to jump in with her and get back in touch with the US.

At this point, as I ask my contacts who else I should work with – remember I’d also like to spend time with clients and creative directors – I’m also specifically probing, do you know any women? One female planner I spoke with thought maybe women don’t imagine they are special enough to be written about. But I think that the low numbers of senior women make finding the few that would go for this project quite difficult. I’m still looking to go to Cape Town, India, Australia, Japan and Buenos Aires and I’m open to working with more than 12 people to get a few women involved. So if you are a smart woman thinking, hmmm, maybe I could do that, or you know one who might be up for it, please leave a comment here or write to me at hklefevre at gmail. I’m very helpful with children if that’s a selling point.

Finally, here’s a must see video on the subject.

2 thoughts on “You’re worth writing about

  1. Hi Heather,

    How about Charlie Wilkinson (Clear, Singapore), Kaj Vatsa (frog, Shanghai), or Maria McHugh (Y&R, NYC)?

    Let me know when you’re in Singapore! See you soon.


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