Me + Asia = Karaoke

I have a karaoke set up at home so I’m a bit addicted to the sport. The planners from Y&R and MEC all went out one night where I saw mic covers for the first time. I’ve been singing unprotected and never realized. I (foolishly) promised I wouldn’t publish pics and video from that night.

Later in the week, I found myself out with Argha Sen. I met Argha last year at the Festival of Media where we were both on the judges panel for their awards. He is the head of marketing in Asia for Toys ‘R Us as well as a passionate foodie. He’s also a generous spirit and planned three different evenings in Hong Kong at hidden kitchens and various other places off of the tourist track. Plus he has a wonderfully diverse group of friends who joined each evening and gave me multiple perspectives on the city. We drank whiskey in a speakeasy. We danced to live African music. We ate a special Thai meal prepared by the chef of Bo.lan who had been brought over from Bangkok to delight our palates with jungle curry, oysters and slow cooked pork.

My last night in Hong Kong was Jason’s wife’s birthday so Argha got a few people together and we started with a drink on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton to say good bye to the city. Then we went to a little Japan type area and ate the most massive boat of sushi. His friend Thomas has this gem of an apartment in a seedy neighborhood so we went there for a drink. Argha knows I have no problem singing at any time, so I became the entertainment. For one night only, I got to hog the pretend mic and sing my heart’s content. Thanks to all my new friends for making Hong Kong such a wonderful experience.

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