The House of Genius opens its doors in Amsterdam

One of the interesting things I stumbled upon along my ’round the world journey was an evening called House of Genius. It’s essentially three hours where anonymity and diversity of perspectives converge all in the service of fostering start-ups.

I found it fascinating.

So I’m bringing the concept to Amsterdam.

Our first session will be held on Monday, February 11, at the Pakhuis de Zwijger (very generous of them to host us!) Have a look of this video from New York to get a taste of what it’s like. Then visit the site to see if there’s a House of Genius in your city and apply to attend. (You must apply and have a ticket to attend.)

Our first session is also being sponsored by Petminds.


3 thoughts on “The House of Genius opens its doors in Amsterdam

  1. good stuff! I like the fact that it’s anonymous! Ancient greeks and romans used the word genius to define an unknown creative and talented been who would assist the painter when he was working.
    If the piece was good it wasn’t attributed entirely to the painter because was known that he had a good genius helping him.
    But if the piece was rubbish it wasn’t either his fault, his genius was kind of lame.
    The learning is that been anonymous in this forums allows you to construct a bigger comfort area at least for 3 hours, regardless expectations. Is a natural mind opener.

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