How to attract the creatively challenged

If I was looking to fill my creative arts academy, I think I might try this approach too. Instead of vying for the “low hanging fruit” – you know, the students who are already somewhat creative, remixing memes on 4chan and scrapbooking in their spare time – I might make my school more appealing for those people who know nothing about fonts, colors and composition and give them hope that my school is a safe haven for them to become creative. As the University for the Creative Arts have done in posters all across London’s underground.University for the Creative Arts

2 thoughts on “How to attract the creatively challenged

  1. Yes!
    In the creative business, we seem to judge new arrivals on their ability to ape the “packaging” of creativity – the lifestyle – rather than their ability to have visual or verbal ideas. Are we developing people the wrong way round?

  2. Heather, am I crazy or did I once read a post on your blog (might have been a while back) where you talked about what makes something an “insight?” There was some discussion about how at the end of the day, an insight is any perspective that unlocks something in the creative’s brains or whatnot. Brilliant piece, wanted to reference it in a talk I’m giving soon (all credit to your blog of course). Anyway, I can’t find it in your archive but was pretty sure it was you. Ring any bells?

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