Planning OG’s and Where we’re heading next

Oh, hello.

It’s been a while.

Three things.

1. What was it really like in the early days of agency account planning? Tracey Follows and John Griffiths have tackled this question by interviewing 20 of planning’s original gangsters. They’ve compiled these stories into a book and the are crowd-funding the publishing. The book is called 98% Pure Potato (an iconic English ad claim from long ago) and you can get your name in the book as a founding supporter by buying your copy now. Better to chart where we’re going when we know where we’ve been, right?

2. The Planning Survey wants to come back. It’s been programmed and we are polishing the final questions. There will be different question paths for people working in communication services, business growth services, as well as brand marketing on the client side in an attempt to look at our discipline no matter where we work.

Building a new survey has raised a couple of questions and we want to hear from you: Are we planners or are we strategists? Does it matter? The survey team has mulled this over. We believe that if a few people could go to an off-site meeting and invent the name “account planning” in the 60s, we as a larger collective can decide if it still works for us. So we ask you: please post your thoughts (Medium, LinkedIn, your blog) and send me the link. We’re hoping a larger discourse will help us all sharpen our thinking and make the survey more useful. I kicked it off with this post here.

Sam Joseph has weighed in here.

Russell Davies recently wrote this.

3. While I have you, Faris Yakob just published his book Paid Attention and it’s worth an extra helping of your future attention. He discusses his views on the strategy/planning debate, but more importantly he effortlessly synthesizes models of communication, idea generation, and brand building given today’s opportunities and constraints.

That’s all for now.  I am still writing my book. I promise I will finish someday.

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