It’s Survey Time!

Hello fellow strategists:

We are pleased to open the new and improved Strategist Survey. It’s short and sweet, so open that tab and make it all the way through in one go.

Since we last surveyed you, we’ve thought a lot about the changing strategy landscape. We’ve been hit up for jobs at Twitter, Apple, BuzzFeed, start ups, research firms, PR firms, and physical tech companies. This shift from planner to strategist is one small outward change that is indicative of our community’s ever expanding relevance.

Please share the survey far and wide. Track down old colleagues who are strategizing on the client-side, at innovation consultancies, for media properties, or as technologists. Please spread the word over email AND social media. So many people don’t have time for social, so let’s make sure to get our friends’ attention.

Your privacy is our religion. We will only share aggregate salary information.

Are you ready? Here’s the link. Take it now.

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