Join me in Miami Jan 6th for an Advanced Presentation Workshop

This idea is a bit mad. I’ve been looking into a company called Oratium and I would really like to take their one-day workshop. In fact, I mentioned them in yesterday’s post to a planner looking for advice on how to up his skills. Trouble is, they aren’t holding their next event until February. But if we can pull together 20-25 people in the next few days, Oratium is available to come to Miami on January 6th.

Why this workshop? Oratium preps all of the Cambridge TEDx participants using their approach. In their words:

Through a deep understanding and application of the latest research in cognitive neuroscience (how people process and retain information), Oratium has developed a simple and powerful program that teaches how to construct compelling communications, in any form.

The program is designed for:

  • Anyone for whom communication/presentation skills are critical to success

In this program, participants learn:

  • The six most common communications mistakes and why they occur

  • A comprehensive, proprietary framework for communications design that solves for these mistakes

  • A suite of simple, powerful tools and tactics that can be used immediately

  • robust, repeatable process for designing deeply impactful and compelling communications

For the more detailed description, click here.

The workshop costs $1,000 USD to attend, travel costs not included. There is a great meeting room in my building with high ceilings and lots of light (see below) and I live close to The Standard Hotel on South Beach which is a lovely place for a winter break. Maybe just maybe there just are 20 of you out there desperate for some sun and curious enough to take this class with me?


To make the most of your time, I will also plan a dinner the night before (pay-as-you-go) where I will facilitate a reciprocity ring. Each person will get the chance to share a challenge they are facing and the community we create will offer their advice.

This is so last minute I am definitely feeling a bit daft posting. But in the past 6 weeks, I’ve taken 2 separate trips on a lark with less than 7 days of notice. It can be done! The question is, are you in?

You can contact me through this site if you don’t have my email address. Curious to see if we can create something special together.

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